Gina Rino, BSc, RAc, FABORM has 20 years experience in Family Acupuncture. Find her at 571b (upstairs) 2nd Ave in Fernie, BC. Online booking available. Call/text at 250.899.4120. Email at

Comprehensive Injection Therapy (CIT) is used to treat chronic pain conditions and musculoskeletal injuries, CIT can heal trauma, chronic or acute injuries, joint pain and instability, reduce the appearance of scars, and treat scar tissue related symptoms, and so much more.

CIT includes Intra Muscular (IM), Perineural injections and Prolotherapy.  By placing buffered solutions into trigger points, muscle or tendon and ligament attachment sites, the body’s natural healing process is stimulated. This treatment enhances the growth and formation of new and stronger muscle fibers, ligaments, tendons and cartilage making joints more stable while decreasing pain and repeat injury.

Comprehensive Injection Therapy is both natural and non-surgical. CIT works by triggering the body’s own natural healing response: inflammation. What follows is the ‘the wound healing cascade’ where fibroblasts are recruited into the injured area which stimulate the growth of new, healthier and stronger tissue to restore structure and function to the muscle fibre or joint.

Comprehensive Injection Therapy is not to be confused with cortisone injections. Both have their place and are very, very different.

Comprehensive Injection Therapy uses your body’s own healing response to heal itself.

Call For more info on how this therapy can help with your chronic injury and pain. 403.383.4591


Gina works in Fernie, BC and is happy to be serving the entire Elk Valley and Crowsnest Pass. Call or text 250.899.4120 or email for info. Follow Gina on IG and Twitter at Gina_Rino_Acu

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