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Acupuncture Alleviates Postpartum Depression (via HealthCMI)

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Researchers conclude that acupuncture combined with psychological intervention has a
similar total efficacy rate for the treatment of postpartum depression as the drug fluoxetine hydrochloride (Prozac®). Acupuncture plus psychological intervention had a 90.7% total
effective rate and fluoxetine hydrochloride had a 90.5% total effective rate. The researchers
note that acupuncture did not cause any adverse reactions but fluoxetine hydrochloride
caused nausea, dizziness, and loss of appetite.

Acupuncture treats depression here with Yintang.

Postpartum depression’s biomedical signs and symptoms occur after childbirth and
include: mood swings, unhappiness, insomnia, hypersomnia, psychomotor retardation,
suicidal tendencies, cognitive dysfunction, low libido, exhaustion, anger,
irritability, lack of appetite, not bonding with the baby, low self-esteem.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), postpartum depression belongs to
depression syndrome and may include: depression, low energy,
stifling chest sensation, sighing, loss of appetite, insomnia or dream
disturbed sleep, frustration, crying, anger, worry, sadness, melancholy.

Subjects in the acupuncture plus psychological intervention group received
acupuncture once per day at a rate of five sessions per week for a total of six weeks…

The researchers note, “By regulating the exciting and inhibiting process of the
cerebral cortex via the nervous system and immune system, acupuncture is able to
balance various neurotransmitters among the intracephalic neuronal synapses,
reduce the brain’s reaction to stress, relax the stressful spirit, regulate
and treat the physical symptoms and relieve the depressive and anxious state.”
They mapped out the acupuncture point selection choices based on TCM theory…

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